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Apr 20 1888
Remonstrance of W M Coffman and others against
establishing fire limits between Bell Street and
Lake Avenue read and tabled.
Petition of M Densmore & others for changing present
license fee for peddling milk from $1.00 for three months
to $20.00 per year in advance. Read and Tabled.
Petition of D T Denny & others for grading Lake Avenue
from John Street to Harrison Street and building
sidewalks on said street, read and referredto Street Com.
Petition of G A Weed and others for change of fire limits as
as to make University Street the northern boundry
of the fire limits district read & referred to Committee on
Fire & Water.
Communication from C F Reed submitting proposition
for filling in Washington Street, read and tabled.
Petition of N Armstrong and Co for permission to erect
a brick veneered building on South Second Street near
Main Street read and referred to Committee on Fire & Water.
Petition of J D Smith & others for grading Second Street sixty
six feet wide from Pine Street to Depot Street and building
sidewalks thereon, read and referred to Street Committee.
Petition of A Jackson supt of Pacific Cable Road Construction Co for
change of grade of a portion of Jackson Street read and referred
to Committee on Streets with power to act.
Petition of Frank Clancy for permission to blast out five stumps
on lot on 5th and Stewart Street read & granted provided no blasting is
doen within 120 feet of any house without permission of the owner and
resident. All damamges done to be paid for by petitioner.

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