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May 4 1888
From Committee on License and Revenue in reference
to the petitionof Tom Rhodes recommend that the
same be granted. Adopted.
Licenses Orderd issued
John Carl Adolph Schander McNatt & Clark
The voteupon issuing the above licenses is as
follows: In favor Frink, Green, Lake, Russell, Reitze
Against none.
LIenses referred
Mrs James Berry,L V Snyder, Andrew Lunn
E Chanpeaux & Co, Frank Clancy, Thos Q Hughes
Bills Allowed
The following claims against the City having been
duly audited by the Council are orderred paid by war-
ants draw upon the several funds as follows.
Name No City Amt Remarks
W R Forrest 2950 City 125.00 Salary as Clerk
C W Ferris 2951 City 75.00 Salary as Clerk Dep
E A Turner 2952 City 100.00 Salary as Treasurer
L C Gilman 2953 City 100.00 Salary as Attorney
L Cummings 2954 City 99.75 Salary as St Commsr
Sam'l A Hoyt 2955 City 75.00 Salary as Harbor Master
James Bogart 2956 City 60.00 Salary as Jailor
Wm Murphy 2957 City 34.60 Board of Prisoners
Wm Murphy 2957 City 82.45 Board of Prisoners
Wm Murphy 2957 City 100.00 Salary as Chief of Police
A H Manning 2958 City 90.00 Salary as Captn of Police
D R Huntoon 2959 City 15.00 Salary as Police Officer
E E Wyman 2960 City 40.00 Salary as Police Officer
J H Woolery 2961 City 51.00 Salary as Capt
H A Bigelow 2962 City 75.00 Salary as Police Officer
Chas Robinson 2963 City 75.00 Salary as Police Officer
W M Jones 2964 City 75.00 Salary as Police Officer

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