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May 18 1888
Councilman Furth moves that South Fifth Street be graded
between Washington Street and Jackson Street Carried by unani-
mous vote.
On motion of Councilman Lake, A A Bell is appointed by the
Council to obtain dedication of property on Second Street
widening said Street to ninety (90) feet.
Board if Registration
The Council now proceeds to elect a Board of Registration
for the ensuing year as follows to wit-:
For the First Ward G W Young
For the Second Ward Hillory Butler
For the Third Ward David Kellogg
For the Fourth Ward Wm H Hughes
The Above named persons having received the unanimous
vote of the Council are duly declared elected.
Ordered that the Mayor be and he is hereby appointed a com-
mittee of one to invite the Govenor of British Columbia the
officers of the Navy at Esquimalt and Municipal officers of
neighboring cities to participate in the celebration of the Fourth
of July in this day.
Ordered that Front Street be planked from Columbia Street
to Union Street.
Ordered that the Street Committee employ teams and complete
the work of filling in Second and Washington Streets
Ordered that the Clerk draw a warrant on the General fund
in the sum of $2500.00 in favor of John H McGraw for
the purpose of decorating the streets for the coming
Fourth of July Celebration.
Ordered that the City Attorney and Judiciary Committee

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