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June 15 1888
a street railway franchise on Front Street read and
referred to Street Committee and afterwards returned by
the committee with the recommendation that the same
be tabled as a number of the signers of the
remonstrance have also petitioned the council for
a Street Railway of Front Street Adopted.
Committee Reports Received
From Street Committee granting petition of J M Thompson
for a Cable Road franchise in Front Street & other streets
On motion consideration of the report is postponed for two weeks.
From same Committee rejecting petition of the Seattle
Street Railway Company
for a franchise for a Street
railway on Front Street adopted.
From same Committee reccommending that the petitioin
of F W Sparling and others for grading Spring Street be-
tween Seventh and Ninth Streets be taabled. Adopted.
From same Committee granting petition of D M Sheafe & others
for grading and building sidewalks on Temperance Avenue
and the surveyor directed to submit plans and specifica-
tions. Adopted
From same Committee returning without recommenda-
tion the petition of E S Briscoe & others for grading
& building sidewalks onSixth Street from Spring Street
to Union Street on motion the petition is tabled.
From same Committee granting petition of W L Lindsley
& others for opening Banner Street fromRoy Street to
Depot Street. Adopted.
From Health Officer on petition of J J Hohman & others for
abatement of nuisance read and referred to Com on Serews & drainage.

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