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Jul 20 1888
Be it remembered that on the 20th day of July
A.D. 1888 the Common Council of the City of Seattle
met in its Council Chamber pursuant to law. The fol-
lowing officers were to wit: His Hon. T. T. Minor
& Councilmen J. Furth, J. M. Frink, Joseph Green, T. W. Lake
Robt Moran, U. R. Niesz & C. F. Reitze. Absent R. Russell,
whereupon the following proceedings are had, to wit:
Petitions etc
Petition of J. D. Smith and others praying the Council to
grant the application of H. W. Wheeler and his associ-
ates for a street railway franchise on Union Street
from Second Street to Ninth Street. Read and referred
to Street Committee.
Petition of the Pacific Seattle Cable Road and Water Company
for an extension of the time to commence work on said
road. On motion the petition is granted, provided that
the petitioner will file in writing with the City Clerk
within ten(10) days its written consent that the City re-
tain the $1000.00 now in its possession as a guaranty
for the completion of its road within one year from
this day, and that work on said road be commenced
within sixty (60) days from this date.
Remonstrance of Bailey Gatzert and others against grant-
ing A. S. Miller and others permission to grade Marion
between Fourth Street and Fifth Street, read and
referred to Street Committee.
Petition of Geo. C. Monroe for permission to transfer his
liquor license from the Arcade Saloon on Washington Street
to the Mint Saloon on Main Street between Commercial
and South Second Street. Granted.
Petition of A. A. Denny and others for the changing of the
grade on Second Street. Referred to Street Committee, and

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