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Jul 20 1888
the committee requested to report on the same this meeting.
Petition of D. M. McKenzie for permission to use giant
powder in blasting out stumps on Block 47
Nagle addition
. Also on Block 6 Yesters addition
between Mill Street and Washington Street, read and
referred to the Street Committee with power to act.
Petition of J. W. Hunt for permission to make certain
repairs to wooden building on South Second Street
between Mill & Washington streets. Referred to
Committee on Fire and Water with permission to act.
Petition of M. Korn to move wooden buildings
from Mill Street to near South Second to the
Commercial Street wharf. Granted.
Remonstrance of Thos Rhodes who against being prohib-
ited from peddling ice cream on the streets without a
license. Rejected & ordered that the permit heretofor
granted be revoked.
Petition of Parker & Orr for permission to use
powder in clearing and grading Bluff Street.
Referred to Street Committee with power to act.
Petition of G. H. Wright for permission to build a bake-oven
under the sidewalk No. 117 Columbia Street. Read &
referred to Committee on Fire & Water.
His Honor, the Mayor returns to Council Ordi-
nance No. 967, entitled "An Ordinance granting a
franchise to J. M. Thompson, and his associates for
a cable street railway in the City of Seattle" with
his objections thereto in wiring as follows, to wit.

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