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Jul 20 1888
cable railway on any street or streets on account
of the same not being granted, then and in that
case, they will have six months within which
to construct the said line of cable railway on
said street after the same is graded:—
A portion of one of the streets over which this
franchise extends is not now graded, and it is
very doubtful in my mind whether it will be
graded in the near future. There is much difference
of opinion as to what is the grade proper for
this portion of the street and whether it should
be widened to ninety feet as has been ordered.
The settlement of these questions may take years,
certainly will occupy many months, and mean-
time, under this franchise the grantees can wait
until the question is finally settled and need not
complete their road for six months after the
street is graded. It does not seem to me wise to
grant privileges of this character and leave the time
of full compliance with the provision so indefinite
and uncertain. In the case of this Ordinance a large
number of owners of property abutting on one
of the streets over which this franchise extends has
filed a remonstrance against its passage and
though some of them have withdrawn the ob-
jections present to your Honorable Body yet
still it seems to me that the wishes of the
remainder of these petitioners, comprising a
large majority of the property owners on the
lower part of Front Street deserve consideration.
A majority of the parties in business on the
same section have petitioned for the passage of
the Ordinance. It is impossible to meet the wishes
of all these many differing and conflicting interests.
Weighing carefully these and all other considerations
bearing upon this subject I find it my duty to

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