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Aug 3 1888
petition of A S Miller and others in the matter of the
grade on Fifth between Columbia and Madison Street]]s read
and referred to the Street Committee.
Petition of C & P S R R Co for permission to build a
side track to the gas company's works. Granted.
Petition of Jeannettee C Nevins for compensation
for damage caused and expenses incurred in moving
building in order to widen Second Street: Referred
to street Committee.
Monthly Reports Received
From Chief of Police, read and ordered filed.
From Justice of the Peace N Soderberg referred to Finance Com.
From Harbor master, read and referred to the Committee
on Harbor and Wharves.
From Commissioner referred to Street Committee
and returned approved.
Committee Reports Received.
From the Chairman of the Street Committee and City
Surveyor to whom was referred the matter of change
of grade on Fifth Street at the corner of Marion
recommending that the grade be raised to
the Eastwick grade. Adopted.
From the Street Committee recommending that Jackson
Street Bridge
be immediatly replanked and a side-
walk constructed on the south side of said bridge.
Adopted and bridge ordered replanked with such planking.
Bills Allowed.
The following claims against the City having been
audited and allowed by the council are ordered paid by war-
rants drawn on the several funds as follows, viz:

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