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Sep 1 1888
Merchant's National Bank $55,000
Dexter Horton and Co $65,000
Guarantee Loan& Trust Co $25,500
Upon motion the report is adopted.
Thefollowing named persons having been cited and failing
to appear are ordered raised as follows
W R Thornell Lot 5 B 103 A A Denny's addn to $500
W H Taylor Lot 1 B 103 Denny to Terry's Addn to $550
J Schram ]] E 1/2 Lot 3 B 77 Denny to Terry's Addn to $250
Ordered that the Council do now adjourn
Approved Robert Moran Mayor
Attest W R Forrestclerk
by C W Ferris Dept Clerk
Sep 7 1888
Be it remembered that on this 7th day of September
A D 188 the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets
in its Council Chamber pursuant to law. The following
officers are present to wit: His Honor the Mayor Robt Moran
and Councilmen Burns, Durie, Green,Jones, McCombs, McDonald
Niesz & Reitze The following proceedings are had towit:
Petitons etc.
Petitions of W R Brawley & others for revocation of liquor
license hereto fore granted to Alden & Chase, read and re-
ferred to Committee on License & Revenue.
Petition of J H Rengstorff for permission to move and
repair building on North1/2 of Lot 5 block 6 A A Denny's
, read and referred to com on Fire and Water.
Petition of J H Hall & others against revoking liquor
license of Alden & Chase read and referred to the

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