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Oct 5 1888
Official Reports Rec'd
From City Attorney Read & Ordered filed.
From Chief of Police Read & Ordered filed.
From Treasurer Referred to Finance Committee.
From Justices Jones & Soderberg referred to the Judiciary Com.
From Harbor Master Read & Ordered filed.
Licenses ordered issued.
McNatt & Clingan - Bagley & Salman - E Meyer
Patrick Welch - Gottleib Burian
Passed by the Following vote. in favor of same F J Burns
D E Durie, Jos Green, T E Jones, Jas McCoombs, C F Reitze
Against same none.
Licenses Referred
Wm McMasters - Josh Davis - Charles Williams
Jacobson & Co - S Lindstrom
Maguire & Newhall
Bills allowed
The following bills having been duly audited are ordered
paid by warrants being drawn on the several funds
as follows to wit:
Name Fund No Amt Remarks
W R Forrest City 3348 150.00 Salary as Clerk
C W Ferris City 3349 100.00 Salary as Depty
Isaac Parker City 3350 125.00 Salary as Treasurer
S H Siles City 3351 150.00 Salary as Atty
Sam'l A Hoyt City 3352 75.00 Salary as Harbor Master
L Cummings City 3353 125.00 Salary as St Coms'r
James Bogart City 3354 75.00 Salary as Janitor
James Bogart City 3354 132.00 Board Of Prisoners
J C Mitchell City 3355 3.50 Cash Paid out
J C Mitchell City 3355 150.00 Salary as Chief of Police
E Briggs City 3356 90.00 Salary as Police Officer
O D Butterfield City 3357 75.00 Salary as Police Officer
S Leckie City 3358 75.00 Salary as Police Officer
A W Ryan City 3359 75.00 Salary as Police Officer

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