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Oct 12 1888
the matter of the Main Street Ferry slip
C F Reitze, F J Burns and Jos Green appointed.
Ordered that the Check for $1000 deposited by the Seattle
Construction Co
as a guarantee of good faith be
returned by Clerk to said Company. The provisions
of their franchise having been complied with.
Ordered that the permit heretofore granted to the
Seattle Upholstery Co for permission to erect wooden
building within the fire limits be recinded.
The supplemental Plat of Edes & Knight Addn is approved.
Ordered that the Council adjourn untilMondy Oct 15th
1888 at 7:30 PM
Approved Robert Moran mayor
Attest W R Forrest by C W Ferris Depty Clerk
Oct 15 1888
Be it remembered that on the 15th day of Oct A D 1888 the
Common Council of the City of Seattle met pursuant to ad-
journment in their Council Chamber in the City Hall.
Present His Hon Mayor Robt Moran councilmen
F J Burns, D E Durie, Jos Green, Jas McCoombs,
C F Reitze and Deputy clerk C W Ferris.
Petitions etc.
Petition of J N Gallaher for removing obstructions in
alley of Blk 26 S A Bell's Addn read and referred to St. Com.
Petitionof A Maitland for permission [to] erect a porch
at the back of Co-operative Store read and referred
to Committee on Fire and Water.
Telegram rec'd and read from Geo W Waring stating

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