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Oct 15 1888
that he would require $1250 and expenses for a visit to Seattle
Ordered that the Clerk telegraph Mr Waring and ascertain of
$1250 include all fees, if so, instruct him to come.
Committee reports
From park Commissioners on the petitiono of the "Arbor Assn"
recommending that the City employ the gardner who sets
out the trees to box and protect them. Referred to
Street Committee.
From Special committee in matter of Main Street Ferry slip
as follows "We have carefully examined into the matter and
find that the granting the use of the foot of Main Street for a
ferry slip a very serious mistake. We think that there
is no other street in the City where ferry slip would be
so great a inconvenience to shipping. but do not rec-
commend the report of the ordinance because we question the
right of the City to do so" adopted.
From Com on Street Lights on the petition of Allen Crook
et al street lights on Box St Depot to Harrison St recom-
mending that the same be granted provide the lights be 16 cp
on wooden post. Adopted.
Ordered that the suit began against Mr Thos Clancey for viola-
tion of the Fire Limit ordinance be dismissed, provided
he makes no further improvements under the building
except those strictly necessary for raising building to grade.
The City Atty submits an ordinance entitled "An ordinance
to transfer the sum of $10,000 from the City to Road fund"
Whichis passed by the following vote In favor of F J Burns, D E Durie,
Jos Green, T E Jones, Jas McCoombs, C F Reitze against none.
N E Holmes addition to the City of Seattle is approved.

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