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Oct 15 1888
Ordered that the Council do now adjourn.
Approved Robert Moran mayor
Attest W R Forrest by C W Ferris depty Clerk
Oct 19 1888
Be it remembered that on the 19th day of Oct AD 1888 the Com-
mon Council of the City of Seattle met pursuant to law in
their Council Chambers in the City Hall.
Present His Hon Mayor Robt Moran councilmen
F J Burns, D E Durie, Jos Green, Jas McCoombs,
C F Reitze and Deputy clerk C W Ferris.
Petition of Mrs Kate Baker for permissionto cut hole in
sidewalk on 3rd Street Read and Referred to the Street Com.
Comunication for Amos Brown in reference to the
condition of Spring St Sewer. Read and referred to Sewer Com.
Petition of A W Engle et al for vacating alley in Block
89 Terry's 2nd Addn
Read and referred to Street Com.
Petition of Louisa Thompson et al for a change of the Cow
Limit Ordinance. read and Referredto the Com on Health and Police
Claim of David Feguson for damages of injuries received
by being knocked down by hose-cart night of Mechanics
fire. Referred to City Attorney.
Petition of Viola Jerome for permission to repair certain
building within fire limits. read and rejected.
Petition of N Williams for permission to repair certain build-
ing within fire limits. Read and tabled.
Petition of Van Nort and Conlin et al for opening alley
between Main and Washington, 2nd and 3rd Streets. Read and
referred to Committee on Streets.

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