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Nov 2 1888
Be it remembered that on this 2nd day of November
1888 the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets
in it's Council chamber pursuant to law. The follow-
ing officers are present ot wit-: His honor the Mayor
Robert Moran and Councilmen F J Burns, D E Durie, Jos
, T E Jones, Jas McCombs, J F McDonald & C F Reitze.
Absent U R Niesz.
The following procedings are had to wit:
Petions Etc
Petition of A W Piper and others praying that a layer of
sawdust be spread on Grant Street Bridge to diminish
the racking and jarring thereof caused by teams
passing over said Bridge. Read and Referred to Street
Committee with power to act.
Petition of C W Lynch & others for street lights on
Howell Street from 10th to 12th Street inclusive,
read and on motion granted.
Petition of Frederick and Maud forpermission to put a
store front in building situated on South half of
Lot 7 Block 3 Maynard's Plat read and referred to the
Committee on Fire and Water.
Petition of Mrs. H E Zoak for lease of Alley on Wash-
inton Street
East of the Standard Theatre read and
Petition of Hannah E Alden for a drain at Eleventh
and Lane Streets read and referred to Street Com.
Petition of Eliza Griffiths, for permission to alter &
repair building on Lot 1 Block 16 Maynard's Plat
read and referred to Fire and Water Com.
Petition of Jno R Kinnear & others for Street Lights on

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