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Dec 7 1888
herein charged for, informed him that they would pay
no more than the contract price and I don't think the
City is liable for the claim and it is therefore respectfully
rejected". Report Adopted & Claim rejected.
From Committee on Street Lights granting petition of G S Shoudy
& others for a street light Corner of 13th & Howell Sts adopted.
From Street Committee granting petition of Hall & Ritchie for
the acceptance of South Eleventh Street etc. Adopted.
From Same Committee recommending that the petition
of W P Bird and others for the grading Wilford Street be tabled.
From the Judiciary Committee on the petition of R H
for the appointment of Joseph McNaught as an
appraiser on behalf of the owners of property condemned
on South Eleventh Street. vice H H Lewis absent from the
City, submitting a verbal report to the effect that as the
formerly appointed board of appraisers had failed to report
within thirty days from the date of their appointment
as required by law, and also that Mr Joseph McNaught had
left the city to be absent several months a new board
of appraisers should be appointed for said district:
Whereupon on motion duly made and seconded, Mr A
B Stewart
is appointed an appraiser on behalf of the
owners of property condemned by ordinance No 942 and
Mr Leander Miller an appraiser on behalf of the owners of property
benefiting by said ordinance No 942, Whereupon his Honor
the Mayor appoints Mr Fred E Sander an appraiser in
said matters on behalf of the City.
Applications for Liquor License Referred
Frank Clancy, John Egan and Jones Bros

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