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Dec 12 1888
rules for inspection of vessels and trains coming
into the City.
After discussion by the Council on motion of
Councilman Nietz the whole matter is referred to
the Commitee on Health & Police in conjunction
with the Health Officer with full power to to act.
On motion of Councilman Rietze Chairman of
the Committee on Public buildings and Grounds
the plans and specifications for a temporary
Hook & Ladder truck house, as submitted by
him are approved and the clerk directed to
advertise for bids for the construction of the same.
On motion of Councilman Nietz the City Treasurer
is instructed to make a small payment on each of
the outstanding Street Improvement warrants now
about to become void by reason of the Statute of
limitations as fast as the same are presented
to him.
On motion of Councilman Durie the matter of all
delinquent street grade assessments is left in
the hands of the City Attorney and Finance Com-
mittee, with power to settle such cases as the
may deem advisable.
On motion of Councilman Green, the City Surveyor
is directed to submit a grade for Front, Mill &
Commercial Streets the said grade to admit of
basements and sewers above high tide.
Councilman Durie submits the following resolution
which is adopted by an unanimous vote:
Resolved: That is is desirable that the Mayor and Com-
mon Council of the City of Seattle memorialize the

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Names referenced from Seattle Municipal Archives when available.