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Dec 21 1888
said street a distance of about 20 feet. Also for permission to
put a partition in said building.
Read & referred to Committe on Fire & Water.
Petition of J.C. Blowers and other for opening alley in
Block 92 D D Dennys First addition.
Read & referred to Committee on streets.
Petition of V Hugo Smith et.al. for grading Park and Market streets
and building sidewalks on East side of said streets, from the N.E.
boundary of Jackson street addition south to southern boun-
dary of New Wilfred addition.
Read and referred to street Committee.
Communication from Amos Brown and others asking the Council to
pass and ordinance to secure the construction of bulk-heads
on both sides of Spring street from west side Front street
west to alley. Read and referred to street Committee.
Petition of T.H. Hackett for a quit claim deed from the City to
petitioner for Lot 5 Blk 52 Dennys East to Dennys add'n
Read and granted.
Petition of Ed Terry and others for the extension of South Third
a distance of two blocks south of King Street.
Read and referred to Street Committee.
Petition of Jos. Campbell for permission to move a frame building
from Lot 7 B. 20 C D Brown's] add. to Lot 3 B. 20 AA Dennys
3d addn.
Read and Referred to street Committee.
Petition of Lewin and Hannock for permission to tear down and
remove certain frame buildings from Commercial street.
Read and referred to Street Committee with power to act.

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