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Dec 21 1888
Licenses ordered issued.
Chiato and Lombardino - John Egan -
Jones Bros Thompson and Taylor - the vote upon
issuing the above licenses is as follows. In favor of same.
F J Burns D E Durie Jos Green Thos Jones Jas McCombs J F McDonald
U R Niesz C F Reitze. Against the same None.
Bills Allowded
The following bills having been duly audited are ordered
paid by warrants being drawn upon the several funds
as follows; to wit;
Name - Fund - No Amt Remarks
Geo McRae City 3582 13.50 Due from sale of imp stock
Jesse F Cochran City 3583 3.40 Painting Nmbers
Bridges And Coughlin City 3584 50.42 Repairs on Jail
Mechanics Mill City 3585 15.00 Counter for Treasurer
Wm N Hughes Ptg Co City 3586 4.50 Printing
Storah and Bauman City 3587 270.00 Rebate of license
Providence Hospital City 3588 261.00 Care of sick
Mrs George City 3589 63.00 Nursing Hagen Family
John Cunningham City 3590 25.00 Nursing Pest House
Geo R James City 3591 10.00 Trip to Pest House
Cross and Co City 3592 25.00 Burial of Small Pox patient
Geo G Startup Fire 1486 15.00 Salary Driver No 1
Silsby Mfg Co Fire 1487 16.75 Heater valves No2
D H Calligan Fire 1488 3.00 distributing Notices
Busby & Davidson Fire 1489 6.00 Washing Hose
James Dunham Fire 1490 7.50 Work on Plugs
Ed Petterson Fire 1491 4.50 Work on Plugs
Washington Iron Works Fire 1492 66.40 Work on Couplings
Wm Barry Fire 1493 4.00 Distributing Hose
James McIntyre Fire 1494 7.00 Extra Work at fire
Ed Petterson Fire 1495 7.00 Extra Work at fire
Chas Maidment Fire 1496 7.00 Extra Work at fire
Collin Lock Fire 1497 1.00 Hauling Coal
B N Rogers Fire 1498 4.00 Extra Work at fire

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Names referenced from Seattle Municipal Archives when available.