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Dec 28 1888
of Poplar Street from Depot Street to Prospect Avenue on Ellsworth
Read & referred to Street Committee
Petition of Gumbert & Johnson for rebate of license
Read & granted.
Petition of A P Anderson to put partitions on
building on Columbia Street. Read & referred to Fire
& Water Committee with power to act.
Petition of Morgan J Carkeek for the vacating of a portion of
Choate Street Read & Referred to Street Committee
Petition of Geo F Smith Bros and Butler for permission to erect
brick walls under building on Washington Street known as
Oregon Market Read & referred to Fire & Water Com.
Petition of W V Rinehart for a sewer in Blk 'K' Bell's 5th
Read & Owners of abutting property allowed to construct-
sewer at their own expense.
Committee Reports
From Judiciary Committee granting petition of Jno Sexton for
rebate of tax paid on personal property if said personal
property is outside City. Adopted.
From Street Committee granting petition of G M Haller
for the widening of Willow Street Adopted.
From Same Committee in regard to matter of widening Com-
mercial Street
and extending Front Street through aley
in Blk 8 Maynard's Plat report that they see no way of
making such improvements withour great expense to the
City and recommend that the property owners deed to
the City a stretch ten feet wide on each side of Com-
mercial Street
and the property benefitted pay an ap-

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