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Weller Street Opening of 38-35
Woolery J H Electionof as chief of Police 36
Woolery J H Election of as Harbor Master 37
Wash Houses Removal from fire Limits 43-38
Washington Street Sidewalk 198-199-201-204-208-223-227-
Washington Street grade of 239-243-253-255-278-282-312-318-
Washington Street opening of 121-114
Wall St opening of 163-150
Wash House Removal from Lot 8 Blk 6 161
Wash House To build on Lot 8 Blk 6 177-173
Wash House Rights to use by F E Sander 215-213
Washington No 2 Fire Co for 258-254
Wash House on Commercial St 267-262
Williamson & Kellogg to use Spring St 344-340-280
Wa Chong for sidewalk in South 3rd st 290-286
Wilfred Addition Vacating Plat of 350-368-376
Weller St Obstruction in 374-378
Warrants for grade to be used to pay grade taxes 380
Wharves Protection of 407
Washtn St Incline 440
Water Front add Plat 447-448-450-458-460-476
Washtn St Sewer 448-449-455-469-479
Wusthoff, Matter of Changes made by 467-471
Washtn fire E #2 sleeping room 514
Water Limits prescribes 535
Wilcox Lemuel to drain Spring St 538-543
Water Rate Levy for 540
Webster D suspended as Policeman 573-588
Waterpipes etc Interference with 583
Washelli Cemetary Creating Ord 596
Woolery Jas H Charges against 732-634-640-641-642-644-652
Washington St planking 691-701-752

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