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Board of Aldermen and House of Delegates
of the City of Seattle
The Board of Aldermen and the House of Delegates
of the Cityof Seattle meets pursuant to law
in Joint Session the 5th day of December 1890
to canvass the vote of specl election had in
the 8th ward of teh City of Seattle in the First
day of December 1890 for the electionof a
member of the House of Delegates to fill vacancy
caused by the failure of J U McAusland to
qualify of his election on teh 1st day of Oct
1890. Prest Geo W Hall with chair.
At Roll call the following officers are present
Bogardus, Holbrook, Korn, Miller, Pontius
Snyder, Wald & Wilcox of the Board of Aldermen
Barnes, Baton, Cowden, Davis,
Furry, Hanford, Hart Kittinger, King,
Lansing, Morford, Muldoon Shipley & Willis
of the House of Delegates
The following proceedings are had
January the last meeting read & Approved.
Motion of Jones that a committee be
appointed to canvas the vote of the Spcl
election held with 8th Ward of the City
in Dec 1 1890 to that a number of the
House of Delegates to fill the vacancy
on the House of Delegates caused by the
failure to qualify of J A McAusland motion
was carried and the chair appointed
as the Committee Jones, Pontius & Kittinger
Reports of teh Committee to canvass the
vote a said spcl election find that Mr N B Baghy was duly elected
to be a member of the house of Delegates from the 8th Ward.

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