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Board of Aldermen and House of Delegates
of the City of Seattle
Broadway St Assm't Roll Approval of 10. 109-11-12-13-15-16
Bonds funding 1891 18th to 23
Balfour M G remonstrance - 49
Brook St Assmt Roll 68-69
Bonds Funding & Judgement, Condemnation General Water, Sewer 70 to 84 Canvass of vote
Bonds, sale of to Blair & Co 106-107
Brown Chas R Protest]] 112
Broadway and DeForrest St Imp of 182-183-184
Brook St Inp of etc 184-185
Bush St As. Roll Approved 196
Boyleston St As. Roll Approved 206
Bonds Issuance of 220-223-226
Bailey Gatzert Memoires 234-235
Bush St Imp of 281-282
Bonds Sale of 288-289
Bacon E D protest in Weller St 352
Bush St Imp of under Ord No 3548 428-432-433-434
Beacon St Imp of under Ord No 3651 437
Board of Equalization 480-1-2-3
Ballard Roadway to 497

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