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Board of Aldermen and House of Delegates
of the City of Seattle
Franchise Street Railway -4-6-15-224-30-31-42-44-47
Funding Bonds 1891 18to 23
Farm St Assmt Roll 46
Fourth St Assmt Roll 48
Flynn Patrick remonstrance -49
Fifth Street Assemt Roll 49-50-
Frank Street Assemt Roll 59-60
Fire Commissione Notification of 124-126-148
Franchises forfeiture of 128-140-154-156
Foster James Charges against etc. 130-131-132-133-134-135-136-137-138-139-134-
Foster James elected Fire Commissioner 149 & 150
Fire Commissioner Vacancy filled 149&150
Fay J P petitionfor franchise 156
Franchise petition for by Fay, Hilton, Chapin and others 156
Fire Chief nomination etc of A B Hunt 186 &187
Fire Engine Purchase of 212
Federal Street Imp of
Fire Commissioner Election of J S Kahaley 379
Filbert Street approving Asst Roll 391-400
Filbert & Madison Streets approving Asst Roll 428-432
Front St hearing of Roll L I D 104 501
First Ave S replank portion 550

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