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City Park Commssion
Daniel Jones chairman
W E Burgess
Abram Barker
Chas N Evans
W E Bailey

Seattle, Wash May 12 1892
The Honorable the Board of
Police Commission of Seattle
In view of the theft missdemeanors and
trespasses constantly occuring and likely to occur in
the City Park; also the probable inability of your
then Board to detail such necessary police force, as
to afford a proper and continued surveillance.

The board respectfully suggest and request
that its Superintendant have such authority rested
on him by your Hon board, that he may delegate
such to the Park Keepers and tenders during their
hours of service in order to better to protect the
Cities Park property.

All to conform agreeably to you
rules and regulations and instructions.

Very Respectfully Yours
W E Burgess

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