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San Felipe

Friday May 21st 1846
Left home this morning for the
purpose of joining the Army of Gen.
on the Rio Grande.
Went to F EngleKing's and Bat
Hance. Stayed at Parson Kenneys
got wet through by the rain.
Saturday 23rd went to Travis expresly
to meet Capt Railsy and others from
the Brazoss but they failed in coming
Started for Industry this evening
and found Mr Hyman at Wood
bound for the army Went to Mr [l?]
and stayed all night with him
Saturday 22

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Zenas mentions staying at the home of Reverend John Wesley Kenney, one of the first great pioneer Methodist Ministers in Texas. He arrived in Texas in 1833, and immediately began founding Methodist societies, even though under Mexican law, the Catholic Church was the only religion allowed. Kenney served in the Texas army from September 11, 1835, until April 21, 1836. He missed the battle of San Jacinto because he took a two-week furlough to assist his family during the Runaway Scrape.


"Ferdinand Friedrich Engelking (1810-1885) was born in Schluesselburg, Westphalia, Prussia." In 1839 he immigrated to Cat Spring in Austin County, Texas to join Ludwig Sigismund Anton von Roeder, his wife, and family. The Engleking family operated a successful broom-making business for many years, first in Broomtown, and then in Sealy, Texas. The company was destroyed by a tornado in 1964.