Letter: Hertha Kraus (American Friends Service Committee) to Esther W. Scott, November 5, 1937



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HERTHA KRAUS, Counselor 233 N. Roberts Road Bryn Mawr, Pa. Tel. Bryn Mawr 1086

November 5, 1937

Esther W. Scott Sandy Spring Md.

Dear Friend :

Thank you for your letter of October 27. It has come to my mind that Giessler and his family might ift into your plan as well if not better than the Huppeden family. I think you have met Fritz Giessler when he was over here for the world conference a little while ago. At least he mentioned in one of my letters that he had been to Sandy Spring and especially admired the flower garden which reminded him of his own.

The Giesslers are very anxious indeed to come to this country. They are members of German Yearly Meeting and Fritz has lost his job because of this fact and because he used to be a member of a Socialist party. His wife is Swiss, from the French part of Switzerland and speaks French as well as German. She has many relatives in France. There are two children, 8 and 11 years old. They are much interested in gardening and have for years raised all their vegetables and potatoes and also a good many flowers. As a matter of fact, the Giesslers had been considered by West Town School for the position of a gardener and although James Walker and Caroline Nicolson are very much interested in them and definitely wanted them to come, the plan has not been carried out.

I feel sure that the Giesslers would be only too happy to come to Sandy Spring and share your home and assume full responsibility of the various duties which you have outlined to me. They are not afraid of physical labor and quite eager to live in the country. It is very urgent that they should find a chance to come to USA because Fritz is liekly to be drafted for military service allmost any time and they are entirely ready to leave at very short notice. If you would consider accepting them on a temporary basis without assuming any responsibility whatsoever, this would be an important step towards bringing them over here.

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Please let me have your reactions to this idea. I shall be very happy to mail a copy of your letter of September 24 to Hans Albrecht who in his turn will forward it to Fritz's sister so that the Giessler family will get a clear picture of the proposed job. They do not want to have direct mail from here because it might add to their danger.


[Signature] Hertha Kraus

Hertha Kraus

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