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Chronicle of Camp Dismal.

Part II

July-11th to 18th inclusive -

In resuming her office as chronicler to the
Honorable Campers - the Historian finds it
hard, nay almost impossible - to resume the tone
of dispassionate calusness expected from writers
of her class - and which she so happily attain-
ed in her first effort, the ferment of joyful
motions in her soul would better find expression
in the fervid and rythmical forms of verse - as
it is they but impede their own expression by
their eagerness for a vent - Therefore as nature
was so unkind as to deny [Histura?] more
adequate form of expression she will have to
plunge into prose without further delay.

July - 11th 1888 -

The procession that on this morning wended its
way to the Patuxent was some what different in
its order of march from that which a year ago,
less one day, passed down the same road. The Nurse
and Entertainer led this time, followed soon by
the Chaperone, Talker & Baby - under the escort of the
Teasing Brother. He certainly seemed for the time
being, at least, to have turned over a new
leaf, for he heaped favors upon the Campers high
enough to bury all his former ill-treatment out of
sight. For when the Historian appeared on the
scene the Ambulance stood before the door waiting

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