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to have the piano tansferred from it to the
parlor. The Patient Man, true to the charac-
ter was on hand, but sad to relate, only one
of his last years load of three was with him.
The Accompanist thousands of miles distant,
left a blank that our heart felt regrets could not
fill - and the Poetess - alas. that we should have
to say it! had gone, or more accurately speaking
was to come with a Handsomer Muse. The house
presented a rather distracted appearance, when the
Historian arrived with every thing where it did not
belong; but to make us feel quite "old timey" and
at home, the Talker had already had her be sting.
Soon however, we had other reasons for our feeling
of "at home-ness: for things seemed to fit into
their accustomed places of their own accord
and the additions to our house-hold decorations
were soon disposed of - Curtains for all the down
stairs windows and new drapery for the parlor
mantel added greatly to the effect of the rooms
and the piano crowned the whole - The poetess
and the Handsomer man, finally arrived and
not being long after, all of our escorts departed
having us to await the Aunty Chaperon. We
whiled away the time with "Haliua" books
and Music - so that when she arrived at
12.30 no one heard her until she was at the
door - Her belongings were soon disposed of; her bed

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