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Aug 5th 1895
At 5:45 A.M. of Aug 5th, (which is
Monday by the way.) eight love
lorn men turned on the cannon
tin pan, bells and everything
else available to try to find some
lost girls who were supposed to
have gone to Balto. as escort to
our departed guest - a nickel
a dozen is offered if all remain
unemcumbered, but some think
that it is too low a valuation and
no nickel has been discovered
the writer supposes there have
been some incumberancis un-
known to her.
there seems to be little objection
to chumming in hammocks,
the chumming in the parlor
has proved more disastrously
to outward appearances, at any

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line 5, 6 : camera tin pan - Tin Pan Camera - a lensless camera. A box with a tiny hole at one end and film or photographic paper at the other. Images are exposed on film or paper - negative or positive, black and white, or color.
Scottish Scientist Sir David Brewster was one of the first to make pin hole photographs in the 1850's
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