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Camp history August 4_ 1897

After many telephone calls, concerning
the very doubtful mather, it was
decided that we all meet at Tanglewood
at nine o'clock punctually, and
start the long procession toward
Folly Quarter. the ambition of our
dreams for so many months.
Dame Nature kindly smiled on us
( as did many of the gazers on this
road over ) and we arrived here at
12:45 P. M.with out a single misfortune.
excepting the slight uncertainty
about mispacking the wagons for a
stay, because two of the first to arrive
gave the rest quite a scare by the
report that Mr. Brusenne would
not let us have this place with out
the permission of the Governor who
has just returned from Europe.
Manny were the alarmed faces when
we thought of the possibility of having to
march home again with our long train

Notes and Questions

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At the end of line 13, the writer put a single low line instead of what would normally be a comma.


On the word that I [?], approx line 10, I now believe the word is 'over'

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