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Friday Aug 6_1897
Thi horn blew and thi bell rang
all to soon for some of thi campers,
but thi usual devoted [?] was
paid to breakfast when the delinquents
managed to appear. Afterwards the boys
added the finishing touches necessary
[?] our comfort in the shape of
wash-stands, tables [?] before they[?]
[?] [?] hammocks and [bunks?] for amusement.
The Chaperons made rules for the
Campus as follows =
Rule No I. When the bell rings,
Campers will please appear.
Rule No.II. No couple shall remain
together more than two hours at a
Rule No.III. Hammocks do not carry
To all appearances rule no II has
been broken in Earnest, causing [Agonnis?]
of despair to thi Chaperons.

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On line 13, ' Rule No I. ', is underlined,


On line 15, ' Rule No II. ', is underlined


on line 18, ' Rule No.III. ' and the word ' not ', are underlined.


On line 21 there is a hyphen above the comma that follows the word ' Ernest '.
Also, the unknown word at the end of line 21 is underlined.