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The Tale of the Dismal Campers
Part III.
June 25th to July 3rd inclusive
All the world knows the magically heroic
story of the sirondists, who, condemned and
executed in a body, sang the Marseillaise
on ther journey to the guillotine, and in
steadily decreasing chorus at its foot, while
for every voice that was silenced on Earth
one was added to the choir of another sphere

All the world does not know of the band
of nine maidens, who united by ties of
blood & friendship marched together to camp
singing year after year in ever diminished
Chorus, " clinging up the golden chair" and
" A- Camping". But the heroism of the
French martyr shall find a counterpart
amoung the American pleasure - seekers, and
each year strikes off another girl engaged

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