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or married the mirth will still see a solitary
elderly spinster winding her way to some de-
serted mansion, armed with a note book &
pencil to chronicle her own lonely festivities
June 25 1889
Once more a- Camping! Ah! Joy! Ah, Rapture!
But alas! not unmixed with sorrow, for
the Handsomer Man has relentlessly claimed
his own, and we mourn the abused Poetess
who keeps house in a much less fascinating,
if more systematic way than we Bohemians.
The Doctor likewise on the highroad to matri-
mony, is in too much of a hurry to stop for
a season of our Retreat, and from the
accompanist, amoung the snowy alps, or
in the thronged streets of some European
capitol, we still in imagination, hear a regret
ful echo of her "graceful guitar".
Peace to them in their chosen paths! Arrive
____ before us bright & attractive as far as.

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