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our vista of a wk. extends; and their abscence
is palliated by the presence of an experiment
nor are the campers as much changed as
the camp. Other people recognized the de-
sirability of Camp Dismal as well as we, and
made of it a permanent residence, so we must
perforce seek a new home, and kind friends
placed the retreat at our disposal. By the
efforts of the Entertainer & Historian, the fairy
God-Mother, the Old Man, & "Grand-Pa". The
quaint old house was made habitable &
bright & early this mnorning the usual pro-
miscuous loads of camp equipage began
to ascend the steep hill on whiels our castle
stands. Chappie, Baby, & Talker were first
on the ground, followed soon by Nurse & En-
tertainer, Histi + the Experiment. Of course
the quiet hour or two were chaos come again,
but order soon began to emerge, and by 1 o'clock
we were fixed. Curtians, carpets, rugs, fans,
[__lags], flowers, a divan, a piano, and corner

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