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fire places made an ensemble unsurpass-
ed by any thing in Camp heretofore. Dinner
was served at 1.10 with the Patient Man as
guest, but the Old Man had the unheard
of fortitude to refuse an invitation to dine,
even though he had hauled us tables + chairs
provided by the fairy God-Mother. Our first
meal passed off well tho. the Baby spoke
feelingly of the poor experiement. Rain
had set in soon after our arrival, and con-
tinued industriously all the rest of the day
and night, but we spent the time with
pleasure & profit, putting the finishing touches
to the house, chiefly by the agency of the Old
Man, who, under the alternate supervision
of the Baby + Talker found innumerable
hammock hooks + locks to fit. And just
as all was finally accomplished the two wily
but inconsiderate maidens both got into the
Historians hammock + broke it down, thereby
providing more occupation for the long-suffering

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