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next morning that she had a good joke on
Histi & the teasing Brother when she found a
saucepan that had not been washed. But the
impartial writer of this veracious narrative
feels it due to the dignity of history to state
that the Nurse had gathererd up the cooking
utensils & in her perturbation had over looked
the vessel in question. [Histi was mistaken
for once. For Baby had done the work athibuted
to me. Nurse]. Cards & dancing beguiled
the evening, & at the usual time the guests
left and a peaceful though rather wakeful
night finished our quiet day at the Retreat.
11 Callers.
June 26, 1889
" Happy the nation that makes no History"
and on the same priciple the Campers
must have been supremely blessed during
the greater part of this day. We were astir
somewhat early for us, and breakfast was
served at two minutes before nine with the

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