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Oct. 1944 to
May 1945

The Wednesday Club met at the Community House on
October 4th, 1944 with Katherine Adams as hostess.
The meeting was called to order by the president,
Virginia LaMar the minutes of the last meeting were read
and approved, the treasurer's report showed a balance on
hand of $ 64.29. The budget committee had no report as yet.
Virginia LaMar stated that she and Helen Hallowell had de-
cided not to go to the opening meeting of the County Fed-
eration so there was no report on what the Federation want-
ed us to do. Lillie Stabler, Chairman of the membership
committee, read Judy Whitlock's resignation which was
accepted with regret.
Mary Pries reported that the program committee had
not yet had a meeting and asked for suggestions from the
club in gereral, Book reviews, William Penn and programs on
education were all proposed.
Virginia LaMar reported for the hospital. The re-
sponce for donations in place of the annual supper were
coming in better than at this time last year and had passed
the $ 1000 mark. There had been an appeal for more donations
for the thrift shop, which has proved a money making busi-
ness during the past year.
The nominating committee presented the names of
Alva Beavers for vice-president and Emma Pierson for cor-
responding secretary. Ballots were distributed, we voted,
and the candidates were declared unanimously elected.

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