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Nov 7
The Wednesday Club met with
Jessie Ladson on Nov. 7th The pres.
called the Meeting to order and the
sec. read the minutes which were
approved an read The Trea. reported
a balance on hand of $ 25.59 with
dues coming in and more still to
come. Virginia La Mar told us
of a Women's Club Meeting which she
and other county chairman had
attended, where she had heard of
other clubs which feet as we did.
about the federation program and the
impossiblitity of small clubs carry out
the full schedule. Only a larg club
such as Chevy Chase which is divided
into different sections. with only a few
general meeting's of the whole membership
seem able to take up all the varity
of subjects arranged for us.
Lilly Stabler Membership Chairman
read an application for membership
from Mrs. Huntley. After voting in
the approved manner Mrs. Huntley
was unanimously declared a member
Helen Farquhar reporting on education

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