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October 13, 1948

The Wednesday Club was called to order
on Oct. 13, 1948 at Fairfield with Deb Willson
as hostess and Mrs. Francis Morey, Pres. of M.C.Fn., W.C., as honor guest. The minutes of the May meeting
were read and approved.

Jessie Ladson reported that the club
cleared $137.70 on the Federation luncheon held on May 25
and that there is a balance of $151.34 in the
treasury. Alva Beavers thanked all members
for their cooperation and work at the luncheon.
She also presented notes of thanks and
appreciation from Rebecca Chinn and Virginia
Morey in behalf of the Montg. Co. Federation of
Womens Clubs.

Corresponding secretary, Ruth Perine
reported that welcoming notes had been
sent to the new members last spring, and that
she had received a note of resignation from
Emily Coulter. It was the club's wishes that a
note be written Mrs. Coulter expressing our
regret that she resigned and saying how
much we will miss her. Ruth Perine also
reported that cards will be sent each
month announcing the place of meeting.

New members were introduced and
welcomed to the club.

Alva Beavers suggested that for our

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