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Status: Complete

Budget Com. Program Com.

Lee Corbin, ch. Katherine Adams, ch.
Mary Grady Theda Porter
Helen Hallowell Deb Willson
(Helen Powell, event off). Rachel Lo Buono
(Jessie Lodson - off)

Membership Com.

Theda Porter, ch.
Ruth Perine
Margarent Palmer
(Gertrude Benson, off)

motion Mc Laurey - accepting membership

Under old business the policy of new members
was brought up but the club voted to
carry it over to next meeting. There was no new business.

The meeting was then turned over
to the program committee and Mrs Lilly
Stabler gave a very interesting report on
Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti and Puerto Rico.

Respectfully submitted by

Lee Corbin, sec.

Correction: Note plans for hospital benefit for later
motion made + voted to give 100.00 to hospital.

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