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pages being offered this spring far
literary work and art exhibit.

Alva Beavers told of being guest at
Bethesda at luncheon given for Club
Presidente where Mrs. Buck, Pres. of Federated
Clubs spoke on her trip to Japan, Philipines,
Korea, and Hawaii.

Theda Porter reported on her committe's
consideration of new procedure for membership
in the Club and suggested that members
inform either the president on membership
committee Chairman of the names of
persons they would like to have considered
and after they had been guests the
club vote on them in May meeting.
This would mean that new members got
the most out of their dues and club.
She also suggested that a form letter
should be written for the records as
on and to each new membership
committee chairman. It was decided
that all new members be voted on nin
May but that if a new member wants
to come in during the year she may
upon having explained to her that
she will not received the Federated

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