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Head Quarters 45th P.V.V.

New Alexandria, Va.
June 7th, 1865


I have the honor respectfully to tender my
resignation as Assistant Surgeon of the 45th Pa. Vet. Vols.
For the following reasons:

I am anxious to return
to my family and private practice, as my wife
is in delicate health, and my opportunity for re-
gaining my original practice is at this time very
favorable - which opportunity would be lost should
I continue longer in the service, and my future
success is life seriously affected thereby.

Believing that my services can be dispensed with
without detriment to the service, as another medical
officer has recently been assigned to the Regiment,
I must earnestly and respectfully ask that my
resignation meet with your approval.

Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant
C. E. Iddings
Asst Surg 45th P.V.V.


Bseret Major J. D. Bertolette
A. A. Genl 9th A.C.

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