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1st mo. 1st. 1864. 6th day.
Cleared off cold, before dinner: father away nearly all
day on business for B. Downes: Lucy came home from
Burnside after dinner. William at the Cottage after tea.

2d. 7th. day.
Clear and cold: Mercury down to 1 this morning. Kate
spent the day here: Joe and William both out somewhere
after supper: William at Joshua Gilpins I think.

3d. 1st. day.
Clear and cold: John Stabler called here before meeting; Joe and
William went to S. Brooke's mill dam in the afternoon to
skate: Lucy went to Sharon and to the mill dam awhile,
then to Phil's to stay all night; Joe at Phil's after supper;
William at Sulford to supper.

4th. 2d. day
Cloudy, begun to snow by 10 oclock, snowed all day: Mercury
18 early in the morning: Joe went to Washington: Lucy
came home from Phil's in the morning; William at Ashton
to a "scale meeting" after supper: Cutting ice in the morning

5th. 3d. day
Cleared off cold and windy about noon: father went
to Higgins [?] after dinner: Joe came home from Washington
William at Joshua Gilpins and Uncle E. Thomas [?] after

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