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Clear, windy, day: Emily came to Meeting from Uncle E. Thomas's and
home: Uncle Tom and Debbie called here before Meeting; Mother
went to Meeting, I staid at home; Charlie Stabler dined here;
William at Uncle Samuel's and Clifton in the afternoon.

Clear when we got up, soon clouded up, begun to snow
about 3 o'clock, snowed 'till bed time: father and mother
went to Clifton in the afternoon: father went to see B. Downes:
William staid all night at Ashton.

Cleared off in the morning, windy and cold: some snow
flurries in the morning: Gideon and Sarah Gilpin and
her sister here to tea. My birth day.

Windy, cloudy and cold: Mercury down to 7 and staid
so all day: Charlie Brooke here to dinner.

Clear, except a few hours about the middle of the
day: Mercury down to 3 1/2 in the morning, got up to 17
in the afternoon. Cousin Sarah and Edith Farquhar dined
here, Pattie & Mary Brooke came after dinner, staid
'till time to go to the Sanitary Meeting: Lucy went with them
she - Joe and William all went to Frank Millers lecture.

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