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only 15 minutes long: 15 persons there from the neighbourhood:
a very pleasant day, and evening after the
neighbourhood people left. 4th day.
Cloudy most of the day: William, Julia, Charlie, Eliza,
Margaret, Anna and Roger left: John dined with us
at Isaac's and then went home: about 25 at Isaac's
counting his own family. went home before night.

Rained all day: James, Phebe, Tom, Mattie, Samuel
Debbie and I left Pleasant hill at half past 9, for
Spring Garden, reached there at half past 4; Hannah
Brooke there to meet us; Charlie B. and Howard
Stabler there to supper.

Cloudy all day, rained early in the morning; Tom
took Mattie to Robert Stablers in the afternoon; Alice
down awhile.

Rained all night, and until about 9 oclock this morning;
cleared off about noon: Charlie and Eliza over in

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