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the morning: Samuel and Debble at John's to tea:
Tom came home in the afternoon and then went to
Olney in the evening:

Clear: Samuel, Debbie, Eliza, Brooke and I called at Sharon before Meeting, I came home from Meeting
Lucy went to Joshua Gilpin's to supper: Phil
and Arthur here awhile in the afternoon. William
at Uncle E. Thomas's to supper.

Clear day. Lucy went to William Moore's; father and mother
went to Uncle Samuel's in the afternoon: Joe plowing in the
field by the corn house.

Clear day: father and William went to the sale at [?]
hall; William at home in the evening; I spent the day at
Uncle Samuel's, home to supper, and went with Joe to Harewood
after supper, for cousin Mary Brooke, who went
there to supper, here to stay all night: Joe plowing in the corn
house field.

Clear morning, clouded up in the afternoon, begun to rain
before night: at monthly Meeting: Joe plowing all day:

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