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17th 7th mo 3d day
Clear and hot; mercury 96 95. Joe at work in the walnut
tree field again: Kate here awhile in the afternoon:
her mother suffering with a gathered face.
father got home about half past 7 oclock: Mary Gilpin
and M. Levering here awhile after supper; then
Lucy and I went to Harewood awhile: James Stone
had his thumb taken off yesterday, got it mashed in a threasing

18th 4th day
Clear morning, a little rain in the afternoon; turned
cooler: Henrietta came here from meeting, and
staid until 5 oclock, Lucy went home with her
father and Walter went to Ingleside in the afternoon,
father to Coars: mother went to Harewood
after supper: Lucy Snowden came here to stay all
night: Joe hauling in hay from the Walnut tree field

19th 5th day
Cloudy most of the day 'till after 3 oclock it cleared
of beautifully: cooler: father went to Rockville:
James Stabler here to breakfast: I went to the office
then to Harewood and staid 'till 5 oclock: to Sherwood
after supper. Walter went home with Lucy Snowden
to spend the day, brought Frank home with him to
stay all night. Lucy spent the day at Charlie Stablers
spent an hour at Uncle Samuels and home after

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