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7th 27th 6th day
Fair day: father sick: I took mother to Ingleside in the
morning, brought Lucy home from the Cottage: Henrietta
brought mother home after dinner: Uncle Samuel, Aunt
Lizzine, E. Cox and A. Paul here to supper: Lucy and I
at Harewood after they left, Joe at work at the hay: at
the Lyceum to the horse theif meeting after supper.

28th 7th day
Clear except a little threatening about 3 oclock, but only
a few drops of rain: I went to Ingleside and Uncle
Samuels awhile after dinner, took Henrietta over to
Grove Hill to supper: Joe at work at the hay, got the last
load in the evening: Willliam and Lucy here awhile
after I got home: father at Uncle Samuels after supper.

29th 1st day
Clear day: William and Henrietta went to Avondale:
Lucy went to Ingleside after dinner to stay while
they were gone: Jim and Phebe dined here, and Robert
Miller: father and mother up to see Aunt Sally after
supper: I went to Harewood awhile, Walter went with

30th 2d day
Clear until evening, quite a severe storm: a picnic
party caught out. Lucy and Helen spen the day here
I went to Thomas awhile after supper.

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