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8th 8th mo 4th day
Tolerably fair day: Joe came home from Washington
sister, Lucy Henrietta myself at Harewood to supper's Lucy
there after supper. Laurence came home in the afternoon.

9th 5th day
A shower about 9 oclock, then cleared off cool and
windy; Sister Lucy the children and myself spent
the day at Fulford: sister at Lucy at the Lyceum
at Henry [Hartshornes?] lecture in the evening: father
at Ingleside early in the morning, then at the [Gengle's?]

10th 6th day
Clear day: father took mother, sister and the boys
to Warrick Millers to spend the day, called at Edgewood
in the morning, and at Asa'a in the afternoon: Fred
Moore called here early in the morning, Sarah Miller
called to see sister.

11th 7th day
Clear day: James and Sarah Stone, Henry and Laura Rocke
here to supper: Kate here after supper:

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