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7th mo 20th 6th day
Clear day most of the day, with some rain in the afternoon
and again in the evening: father and Walter at Ingleside
in the mornngt: father and mother went to Uncle Calebs
in the afternoon, Walter to Warrick Millter and staid all
night. Emily Snowden and Emily Briding here in the
afternoon. Lucy at Harewood in the morning.

21th 7th day
Cloudy most ot the day with some rain and a hard
rain after night, from half past 7 oclock 'till after 9. father
tppl Lucy to Grove Hill in the morning, then to Ashton
and Ingelside: brought Frank home with him to dinner,
took him riding on the little mule in the afternoon, down
to Grafton Wheelers.

22d 1st day
Tolerably fair day: William and all his family called
before meetin, Warrick Stable with them tooL Joe went to
Burnside in the afternoon, home to supper: I went to Harewood
awhile in the afternoon: father mother and Walter
went to James Stones after supper, Walter came home fromAlloway before supper.

23d 2d day
Clear most of the day a shower early in the afternoon
father and mother to Uncle Samuels in the afternoon,
then went onto Grafton Wheelers: Lucy came home after

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